LT series - with plastic line generator module

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  • Auto optical output power control

  • Low operating power consumption

  • Polarity reverse protected

  • Connection optional : leads wire or spring

  • Focus distance can be assigned

  • saving cost diode (T3 type) and high temperature diode is available

Max. Optical output power

 ~ 70% of max. diode power

Optical output power

Within range +0 to -10% of customer assigned power


See available laser diode reference

Diode Power

See available laser diode reference

Operation Voltage 2.7V~5V
Operation Temperature  See available laser diode reference
Beam Diameter 5mm 
Spot Size see photo
Beam Divergence  -
Bore Sighting  -
Operating Current at 25oC Refer to  laser diode (-10 to 40oC for general type)
Collimating lens Aspheric plastic lens
Case Material Black Anodized (Aluminum)
MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) 10000 hrs ( for standard type), 3000 hrs ( for T3 type)
Diffractive Optics model pattern fan angle
CL-01 cross 8 deg.
CL-02 line 58 deg.
CL-03 line 20 deg.
CL-04 line 90 deg.
CL-05 line 3.5 deg.
CL-06 line 37 deg.
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available laser diode -