LAL series -  Fine Line Generator 

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  • Line width 1mm between 500mm distance

  • Auto optical output power control

  • Low operating power consumption

  • Polarity reverse protected

  • Optical output assigned by customer

  • saving cost diode (T3 type) is available

Max. Optical output power

See available fan angle reference

Optical output power

Within range +0 to -10% of customer assigned power


See available laser diode reference

Diode Power

See available laser diode reference

Operation Voltage 5V/12V
Operation Temperature  See available laser diode reference
Line Width see photo
Operating Current at 25oC Refer to  laser diode
Collimating lens Aspheric glass lens
Line optic Cylinder glass lens
Case Material Black Anodized (Aluminum)
MTTF (Mean Time To Failure)

10000 hrs ( for standard type), 3000 hrs ( for T3 type)


Line width at 10cm (<0.8mm)

Line width at 50cm (<1.0mm)

available fan angle vs. optical output efficiency

Fan angle(degree) 10 15 20 30 40 50
Output efficiency 50% 70% 50% 70% 70% 70%


available laser diode -